Sooo… iOS 7 has been revealed and it looks pretty cool. Well, its skin looks like the Gmail app (flat white design with blue text). But the the features (even those already existant in apps for jailbroken devices) are pretty awesome!

The multitasking view is heavily enhanced. Now you can see a preview of the background apps’ screens, not only a list of icons.

The Notification center has been redesigned. You can access it even from the lock screen! It just looks a lor more pretty.

Quick settings – basically SBSettings for jailbroken devices. You can access them in your lock screen. You can toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, Do not disturb mode, Airplane mode, AirDrop and even a flashlight. Here you also have music controls.

As said previously – AirDrop. Yes, iOS has now AirDrop, and is beautifully implemented.

And to quote Tim Cook: “no need to wander around the room bumping your phones.” – digging Android / Samsung.

The Photos app has been revamped. Now it looks more like the iPhoto app – organising and sharing photos is so much easier now. Also there will be photo streams in iCloud where multiple people can share photos on the same stream.

App Store auto-updates
I love this. Both as a developer and as an end user. As and end user I always wait for an update for the applications I use the most, in order to update the other 10 applications that got updates in the meantime.
As a developer, this is a way to ensure that your users will always have the latest version of your app – well as much as possible. Like how Chrome auto-updates itself.

The Camera app went a bit on Instagram’s way with live filters. The Keychain is now stored in the Cloud, so it can be shared across all your devices,

There are also a lot of improvements on the Music side. iTunes Radio is joining the race with Pandora,, etc in providing streams of music. Siri is smarter, sounds more human and has an option for a male voice too. Also there are available voices for different languages. There have been made some Safari improvements

It looks good, of course it could’ve been a lot better. But hey, is just a very early developer preview (with not that many bugs/issues tho); there’s a lot of time until this fall.