So have you ever wondered why your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, etc. is running so slow lately even though nothing is running and you just rebooted it?

You don’t have to go to 16GB of ram, increase your hdd capacity to 2TB etc.

PRAM reset

Tt seems they have some hardware components in charge with various tasks like storing persistent values that require quick/often/while sleeping access (volume, alarm clocks, display depth, some things related to RAM and virtual memory, fans settings, power settings, a lot of things) : PRAM and SMC.

Here is a KB article from Apple on how to reset your SMC for various devices. And here you can find the steps on how to reset the PRAM.

SMC reset


I searched before for things I should do for my Mac maintenance (like the old Windows defragmentation 🙂 ) but never found this stuff, until today when I saw a random Apple forum post about this.