Yesterday Docker announced the start of the public beta for the OS X / Windows version of it “software containerization platform”, after the start of the closed beta in March.

docker logoThis has been such a long-awaited release. So many web developers are doing their work on OS X machines and they were forced into using all sorts of hacks to work around the filesystem permission issues on mounted volumes though the extra layer of the Vagrant docker machine (forcing UIDs, Dinghy, etc.).
It uses now xhyve on OS X and Hyper-V for Windows to virtualize the Docker Engine environment and the needed features Linux kernel-specific features.

Together with all this we also get the 1.2 RC for Docker which brings some very nice orchestration features, so the only thing you need to manage an orchestration is simply, Docker. You can read more about it on their own blog post.

Stay tuned – a tutorial post about setting up a multi-container LEMP environment.